The range defines the difference between the highest and lowest traded prices for a given period, such as day, month or year. Ranges on charts, for a single trading period, are defined as high and low points on a candlestick or bar.
Risk management
Risk management refers to the implementation of a set of rules and measures to ensure that any negative business impact is manageable.
A person who deals in the currency market or in the stock market
Comparing the rate of one currency with another currency to determine its relative value.
Currency Symbols
Abbreviated symbol of a country's currency, such as EUR...
Forex Chart
A forex chart is a price chart that shows historical price and volume data for one or more currency pairs. Therefore, a forex chart graphically shows the historical behavior of a currency in different time frames, along with technical patterns and indicators and overlaps.
The money that is needed to maintain a trade and the trader needs it to open a trade or in the term position